Who We Are

We Fix Broken Stuff!

The Overhead Door Company of Austin is one of the most respected manufacturers of Integrated Door and Operator Systems globally and is also a division of DuraServ Corp. We offer a comprehensive line of Overhead Doors and Garage Door Products for commercial and industrial customers. As a division of DuraServ Corp, we also have experience in and access to the best Loading Dock Levelers & Lifts and other material handling and Loading Dock Equipment.

One of our strengths is our existence as a local company with a national company’s product and talent reach. We know every street in Austin and the ins and outs of life in Round Rock, San Marcos, and the entire metro region. We’ll install a new Overhead Door in Temple, Loading Dock Levelers in Pflugerville, handle Overhead Door Repair in Cedar Park. Let us design a loading dock for you in Cedar Creek or perform Loading Dock Repair in Georgetown.

Overhead Door Company of Austin. We Want to Work with You

Our employees dedicate themselves to providing the best customer service possible and work toward several goals when interacting with others and the public. We strive to work in a positive and enthusiastic environment in the field and at our home base in Austin, Texas. It is our company-wide goal to take the best care of every customer and to make sure we treat everyone with respect.

We Sell the Best in Overhead Door Equipment & Loading Dock Products

Not only are we one of the country’s best-known suppliers of Commercial Doors, and not only do we work with some of the most respected names in Loading Dock Equipment, but we also install products like Safety Equipment, Truck Restraints, Industrial Fans, and Energy-Saving Aftermarket Products. We want to be the only company you need to contact, whether you need a brand-new Overhead Door for your high-security facility in Austin or you wish to upgrade your Loading Dock Equipment at your cold storage warehouse in Round Rock.

We pride ourselves on being able to conquer your installation, upgrade, and service challenges as fast as possible, and we accomplish this stellar service by working with the best brands, having many of the items you need on hand in our warehouses, and staffing our company with only the best and most dedicated technicians. We love the challenges that confront us when a client asks us to enhance the safety of their loading dock, upgrade their Overhead Doors, or Design a completely new loading Dock area.

Our Brands

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Values at Work

Company Goals

  • Take great care of every customer.
  • Treat employees well and with respect.
  • Be “first and best” in all markets in servicing customers.

Employee Commitment

  • Be accessible to customers and co-workers.
  • Be accountable to yourself and the company for your performance.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Be a team player, hustle and have a great attitude.
DuraServ Employees

Why We Succeed

Working with manufacturers like Serco, Overhead Door, Chase, and Rytec means that you get the best products installed by the best technicians from the best company for Loading Dock Equipment and overhead door installation. We work tirelessly to meet six goals within our company and every customer we serve. Here are the reasons we succeed.

  • Service First

    We only provided equipment to our customers at one time, and we allowed other companies to handle installation and service. We eventually changed our focus to include a “service first” approach where we became capable of designing, installing, and servicing every piece of equipment to come through our warehouses. We treat every customer with care and honesty, whether they’re a huge corporation or a small-time business on Main Street.

  • One Customer – One Contact

    We design our customer communications to only speak with one person for each project you undertake, or service call you to make. Our “one customer, one contact” approach equals a more efficient start and conclusion for your call, whether it’s a major design plan for brand new overhead doors in Cedar Creek or it’s a last-minute emergency service call for your Loading Dock Levelers in San Marcos.

  • Large Retails

    One of our strengths is in handling large-scale projects for our Fortune 500 clients. Owing to our status as a division of DuraServ Corp, we have access to a fantastic installation, service, and design network throughout the United States. For our customers throughout Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, and beyond, we’re here to tackle your loading dock project, whether it’s for one location or a thousand.

  • Compete as a Team

    We may work with you on a one-to-one basis when you call for assistance, but you’ll see true teamwork in action when our team arrives to start work. The Overhead Door Company of Austin professionals know that we have to conduct ourselves respectfully, efficiently, and with transparency to remain the most competitive company possible in our market.

  • Committed Employees

    Our employees are amazingly committed to our work. We regularly meet with everyone we employ to talk about our operations and everything we accomplish with customers and within the company. We know we’re a lucky company to have so many dedicated employees, and we work to keep unity and commitment high by treating each employee with the respect they deserve.

  • Experience and Tenure

    Some of our employees have decades of experience in the industry. We like to think we have one of the nation’s most experienced teams in Overhead Doors, Loading Dock, and Material Handling Equipment. We have experts on our staff working in the industry for more than 40 years, and our legions of satisfied customers are evidence of this experience and skill.

The Overhead Door Company of Austin is Ready to Improve Your Business

We want the Overhead Door Company of Austin to be the company you trust when you want to upgrade and enhance your dock equipment and high-speed doors. We know absolutely everything there is to know about the equipment we sell, and we know how to make sure your installation is a top-notch experience. We want to earn your trust, and we’re confident that our technicians are up to the job of installing your loading dock equipment in Temple, your overhead doors in Round Rock, and your Cedar Park HVLS fans. Contact The Overhead Door Company of Austin to start work on your installation or service request.