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All the products and loading dock equipment you need to maintain or upgrade your existing loading dock design* Our huge inventory of brand name loading dock equipment means you can depend on us to have what you need in stock. Whether you need a part or product to get back up and running — FAST — or you want to make some efficiency or safety improvements to your loading dock design, turn to the pros!

Energy Saving Products

As businesses become more environmentally conscious and the cost of energy continues to rise, there is a great need for cost-effective and sustainable solutions that can enhance the energy-efficiency of their operations and help reduce energy costs. We offer a wide range of energy efficient products including super efficient SERCO ATEC HVLS Fans. LED lighting systems that include High Impact LED lights able to deliver the brightness of a 150-watt incandescent bulb while drawing a mere 16 watts of power. And turnkey solar-powered dock packages that are completely off the grid. Whether it’s a retrofit or new construction, we have the expertise, latest products and advanced technology needed.

Serco S1000 Ultra Seal w/ fixed head pad

ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad is a patented design that provides the insulating benefits of a dock seal and the full trailer access of a dock shelter. The one-piece, diagonal-cut foam construction, with internal retention straps, enhances foam memory and retention while looking good on your dock for years. It seals the rear hinge gap on trailers without obstructing doorway.

Design Highlights
  • Standard Base Projection: 10″
  • Roll Formed, Galvanized Steel Side & Head Pad Backing
  • 5 to 6 Internal Retention Straps Per Side Pad
  • Includes 30″ High Reinforcement on Tip at Bottom Of Side Pad Profile
  • Includes Bottom Foam-filled Draft Pads
  • Available for Door Widths Up to 10′-0″
  • Seals Hinge Air Gap on Trailers with Swing-out Doors & Provides Improved Trailer Access
  • Includes Dual Color Guide Stripe System: Inside Stripe is White and 16″ High x 3″ Wide; Outside Stripe is Yellow and 24″ High x 3″ Wide

Rytec Turbo Seal INSULATED Door

Simply the World's Fastest, Most Energy Efficient, Insulated Door.

With an average opening speed of over 101 inches per second and an extraordinary insulating capacity, the Turbo-Seal Insulated door is the definitive solution for cold storage environments.

Extremely Fast and Quiet

Peak speed of 182” per second with an unrivaled average opening speed of 101” per second – the highest average opening speed of any insulated roll door available.

System 4™ Controller

Easy to set-up, operate and maintain with total digital control and self-diagnostics. AC drive for soft starting, soft stopping and attaining higher speeds with smoother motion.

Rilon™ Thermal Panel

One-inch thick, closed-cell foam panel is laterally-rigid and horizontally flexible. Non-porous, moistureproof vapor barrier for uniform performance.

Perimeter Seals

Quad Seals™ in the side columns provide double seals on the front and back of the panel. Double brush seals combined with the idler barrel seal the top of the door. The pneumatic chambers compress for a tight seal along the bottom of the door.

Thermal Breaks

Total thermal breaks built into the header, side columns and bottom bar minimize conductive thermal energy transference.


Upon accidental impact, the self-repairing system automatically resets and restores the door panel in just seconds without any human intervention.

Threshold Lights

Innovative threshold LED light system (in amber and red) warns users when the door is about to close as well as when it is closing. This new feature provides added safety at the threshold.


Two thru-beam photo eyes, a dual-pneumatic reversing edge and threshold warning lights are standard. Optional RyBeam safety light curtain available.

Wireless System

Ry-Wi™ wireless system eliminates coil cords attached to the bottom bar and maintains door safety signals. This next generation system offers continuous and uninterruptible performance in practically any environment. Total frequency control eliminates signal interference in facilities with multiple doors or other wireless devices – including RFID.

Serco Energy Guard™

  • Primary Seal Assemblies are positioned horizontally on both sides of the dock leveler to seal while the leveler is in the stored position or below dock level. Seal is made of triangular shaped open cell foam covered in reinforced black vinyl and attached using a 1” aluminum retaining bar.
  • Triangular Shaped Seal & Pocket Design provides longer product life by allowing the seals to pivot with the motion of the dock leveler during above and below dock operation versus scraping the concrete pit walls.
  • Secondary Seal Assemblies have identical construction as the primary assemblies but are positioned at a downward angle in order to maintain the seal while the dock leveler is operating up to 9” above dock level.
  • Rear Hinge Seal Assembly is constructed of durable 2-ply material that is die cut to fit around the rear hinges of the dock leveler and capable of flexing during operation in order to block air flow at the rear of the dock leveler.
  • Vertical Seal Assemblies close off any gaps that exist between the primary and secondary assemblies whether the dock leveler is stored or in operation above or below dock level.
  • Brush Seal Assembly provides an additional layer of protection against infiltration of dust, dirt, insects or debris. The dense nylon brush is attached using an aluminum track for easy replacement.
  • Brush Cup Seals are provided to restrict air flow through operating openings in the dock leveler deck.