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The Overhead Door Company of Austin carries Serco dock levelers and lifts, which are designed and manufactured to operate under the harshest conditions possible in a loading dock environment. An efficient and safe loading dock area is the goal of every business owner, whether that loading dock welcomes goods to your retail facility or is part of your heavy industrial manufacturing plant. We work with equipment from the best manufacturers in the dock and door industry to ensure your loading dock success. 

We supply mechanical dock levelers, hydraulic dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, and specialty dock levelers to businesses across the Austin region, from Temple to San Marcos. We install dock and in-plant lifts from Serco, a versatile and efficient option for lifting virtually anything. Let us use our expertise in loading dock technology to help you choose the best new loading dock leveler or lift for your business.

Dock Levelers and Lifts Products and Installation Services

The loading and unloading of goods and equipment take place on a loading dock. Commercial facilities’ loading dock systems provide easy access for the transfer of commodities. Loading docks are designed and engineered for warehouses, retail businesses, manufacturing operations, commercial establishments, and industrial applications.

Overhead Door Company of Austin carries the full line of Serco dock levelers and liftsConnect with us online or call us at (512) 380-1880today for a free quote.

We Sell & Install Dock Levelers & Dock Lifts 

We know everything there is to know about dock levelers and lifts, but we’re much more than a seller of these essential machines. Our expertise also extends to helping our clients choose the best loading dock equipment for their business. When we meet with you to discuss your company’s dock and door needs, we may recommend a model like the Serco hydraulic dock leveler model HD, which offers a capacity of 40,000 to 50,000 and features like regenerative hydraulics a hydraulic velocity fuse safety stop, and below-dock end-loading capability. 

Another client may benefit from the Serco Loadwarrior air-lift model, which offers a portable design and built-in pallet jack pockets. The machine also has an over-pressure relief valve and can operate from horizontal to 40 degrees from horizontal. We also have the Serco Load warrior turntable model, which is offered in manual and powered types. These machines have pre-drilled mounting holes at a rigid base and rollers with sealed ball bearings, which provides ease of operation.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Serco mechanical dock levelers set the industry standard for durabilitydependability, operator safety, and are built to last with unlimited float hold-down.

  • Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WL
  • Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WS
  • Serco Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler

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All About Dock Levelers 

We work with several types of dock levelers, and we may recommend a hydraulic dock leveler, mechanic dock leveler, or air-powered dock leveler for your facility. Suppose we decide that you might benefit most from a hydraulic dock leveler. In that case, we may recommend the Serco hydraulic edge-of-dock model, which is one of our most efficient and reliably hydraulic machines. The device features a high-strength steel tread plate and robotic welding, which is best for consistent strength

Another option is a mechanical dock leveler by Serco, like the W Series mechanical dock leveler. This machine offers excellent structural strength, as well as impressive durability versus other dock levelers. Serco’s patented POSI-TRAC technology helps deliver smooth operation. Industries that may benefit from this mechanical dock leveler include industrial operations, light warehousing, food & beverage plants, and high-volume distribution centers.

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Serco hydraulic dock levelers are specially designed to handle the fast pace of busy loading docks and offer high-performance, low-maintenance, fast, easy, and safe push-button operation.

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Dock Lifts. Everything You Need to Know 

In addition to our extensive selection of dock levelers, the Overhead Door Company of Austin also supplies clients with dock and in-plant lifts from Serco. Models include: 

  • The Serco scissors dock lift model SDL68-5. 
  • The Serco rail lift model. 
  • The Serco load warrior tilter model. 

Our dock lifts are ideal for many truck styles, whether your business works with traditional pick-up trucks and vans or standard semi-vehicles and 60” high stake bed vehicles. 

One of the benefits of surface-mounted dock lifts is that they can be relocated when there is no opportunity to build a pit or permanent installation. Design features include capacities that range from 4,000 to 20,000 pounds and beveled toe guards and dual hydraulic lifting cylinders, which offer optimal performance. Other features include safety chains across the operating ends and a safety tread steel deck. 

Air Powered Dock Levelers

Serco air-powered dock levelers provide operational efficiency, reliability, and are a low-maintenance solution with a simple push-button activation to raise the deck.

  • Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model

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Dock Levelers & Lifts: Brands We Carry 

Our mechanical dock levelers, air-powered dock levelers, and hydraulic dock levelers are manufactured by Serco, which is an industry leader in loading dock equipment like levelers and lifts. Serco has been operating for more than five decades and has built its reputation on durable and reliable products. We trust that their equipment will offer our clients the best experience possible in today’s busy loading dock environments. As a seller of Serco dock lifts and levelers, we provide experience in installation and servicing. 

For clients who choose an air-powered dock leveler, we offer the Serco air-powered edge-of-dock model. Our customers who prefer a hydraulic dock leveler may choose from the HD, HFC, HL, HLQ, HLR, or edge-of-dock model. Our mechanical dock levelers include the model WL, WS, and the Serco mechanical edge-of-dock leveler. We are confident that we can recommend the best loading dock leveler or lift for your business, whether you’re in charge of an entire row of loading docks or you’re the owner of a retail store with a single dock entrance.

Specialty Dock Levelers

Serco specialty dock levelers provide reliable powered up and powered down performance.
  • Serco Power-Assisted Dock Leveler Model PAL
  • Serco Versadock Dock Leveler
  • Serco Vertical Dock Leveler
  • Serco Vertical Hydraulic Rail Leveler

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Loading Dock Design Services  

One of the most valuable services we provide to our clients is designing and developing new loading docks. We can assist with a retrofit project where you’ll bring your facility up to modern operating standards, and we can also help with the complete design of a new facility. We discuss your facility’s capacity requirements and base our designs on the exact specifics of your project. Through our design services, we aim to improve your company’s productivity and enhance employee safety. 

One of the additional benefits of allowing us to help with your loading dock design project is that our work can cut down on your capital costs. Our equipment is safe, reliable, and designed to require little and infrequent maintenance and repair. We have complete confidence in the equipment that we install, and your investment today in your new loading dock environment will help you reduce your capital costs in the years to come. 


Get Parts & Service for Your Loading Dock Equipment 

We want to install your loading dock equipment and loading dock levelers in Austin, and we’re prepared to earn your business with our knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm. Contact us today for more information on our Serco loading dock levelers and loading dock lifts.

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