Dock Seals and Shelters 

The Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ Corp., installs loading dock seals and shelters for companies across Texas, including businesses in Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos. A loading dock seal or shelter can help keep outside contaminants like dust, rain, and wind from entering your facility, and we’re confident that our installation will offer flawless performance and money-saving benefits. We install dock seals and shelters from respected manufacturers like Kelley and Serco. 

We’re the loading dock equipment experts of Texas. We’re familiar with every bolt, pad, curtain, and feature of our loading dock seals and shelters. We strive to maintain the most comprehensive knowledge of the loading dock industry’s needs, advancements, and inventions. We strive to ensure our loading dock installation work provides flawless and beneficial operation for many years, and we’re always here to offer service, upgrades, and modifications to your current loading dock setup. 

loading Dock Seals and Shelters Installation Services 

We can install any one of several models of loading dock seals and shelters, as well as loading dock inflatables, for your business. We aim to increase your facility’s productivity and increase the life spans of your loading dock doors, which may represent one of the most-used facets of your entire facility. When we install our loading dock seals and shelters, we help protect your employees, products, and equipment from the ravages of outdoor weather. 

Our expertise extends to all facets of loading dock equipment installation. We believe our loading dock shelters, loading dock seals, and loading dock inflatables are the best option for increasing your operation’s energy efficiency. We’re available to install your new loading dock equipment at any time, and we’re also here to assist with servicing everything we install. We can help bring your facility to optimal efficiency with recommendations on equipment choice and examine your current setup to see if any updates are warranted.

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Dock Seals, Dock Shelters, and Installation Services

Dock seals and shelters provide optimum sealing effectiveness and safeguard the loading dock area from outdoor elements.

Dock Seals

Our Loading Dock Seals  

The Overhead Door Company of Austin installs loading dock seals from Kelley and Serco. We have experience working with virtually every model they manufacture, from the Serco S600 dock seal with fixed head pad to the Serco S3000 L-pad dock seal. You might own a loading dock with smaller-than-average doors, which might fare best with the Serco S600. The foam dock seal with head pad model features heavy-duty construction with roll-formed galvanized steel and a long lifespan. 

Some of the benefits of loading dock seals include their ability to reduce energy costs when installed in temperature-controlled environments and their varying configurations and sizes to accommodate all types of loading dock doors. Our loading dock seals are versatile because they’re available in so many different sizes and models, and you can rely on our expertise to make sure you get the suitable model for your facility. We can help with all facets of the process, from delivery to installation to servicing.

Serco S2000 Ultra Seal w/ head curtain

Dock Seals

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Kelley Foam Sided Shelter

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

Our Loading Dock Shelters 

A loading dock shelter encloses the top and sizes of your trailers when they approach the door, and they’re designed to offer high sealing efficiency. Through the use of high-quality materials, manufacturer Serco offers loading dock shelters that are reliable and able to withstand repeated contact with heavy trailers. We install dock shelters that will survive the rigors of high-volume environments like warehouses, distribution centers, and cold storage facilities. Let a rugged loading dock shelter from Serco protect your loading docks from damage and harm. 

One of the benefits of a loading dock shelter is that it allows the driver to create a tight seal with the building with full vehicle access. If the weather outside might otherwise harm your products or cause difficulties for your workers, a loading dock shelter can improve many facets of your operation. Our Serco dock shelters feature excellent benefits like a 5-year warranty protecting against rotting, cracking, or warping.

  • Serco R620 Mechanical Rail Shelter
  • Serco S420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter
  • Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter
  • Serco S3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter

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Dock Seals Options

Serco dry dock system shields a loading dock area from external moisture with no required maintenance.

  • Serco S900DD Dry Dock System
Kelley Aqua-Shield Rain Guard System

Dock Seals Options

Serco SI350 Inflatable Dock Seal



Loading Dock Inflatables 

One option we offer is the inflatable loading dock seal or shelter, which is an option that can reduce the force applied to your building while still offering an effective seal between the trailer and the door. We may recommend an inflatable loading dock seal or shelter when you need to protect a climate-controlled loading dock, as well as if you want to see a tight seal on the top of the trailers that approach your loading dock. 

Our many years of expertise with installing and servicing loading dock equipment means we can recommend a loading dock inflatable for your business that will operate harmoniously with the other machines within your loading dock environment. For example, we may install an inflatable loading dock shelter designed to work with the Serco restraints we sell, which can improve the energy efficiency of your loading dock, as well as its overall level of safety.

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Benefits of Dock Seals and Shelters

  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Loading Dock Door Lifespan
  • Protection Against Outdoor Elements
  • Safer Working Environment

Let Us Help You Design Your New Loading Dock 

We can provide more than simple installation assistance for your loading dock shelters and seals. We’re also capable of helping with replacement parts and emergency service when your equipment needs attention, as well as complete design services for your new loading dock. We can assist with designing a completely new loading dock environment or help with the remodeling or renovation of an existing loading dock.  

Over time, your loading docks may become inefficient, and a loading dock that hasn’t been remodeled in many years may not have the most up-to-date and advanced equipment available. With our help, we can update your loading dock tech with the best equipment the industry has to offer. We strive to remain aware of new developments and technologies so that we can help you design a loading dock that will be an asset to your company rather than something that needs constant repair or which is inefficient. 


Loading Dock Equipment Installation from Overhead Door Company of Austin 

We’re your Austin-area partner for loading dock shelters and seals, and we’re ready to help you make the most of your loading docks, whether you have an old facility that needs some severe upgrades or you have a plot of land where you plan to build a brand-new warehouse. Contact us today about our loading dock equipment, upgrades, and services.

Austin Texas’ Most Trusted Dock Seals and Shelters Dealer and Service Provider

Over the years, Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ, has installed, sold, and serviced Serco’s loading dock equipment, and accessories in Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Creek, San Marcos, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Temple, TX.

The Overhead Door Company of Austin team works with clients to ensure safe loading dock areas while our service technicians confirm doors and dock equipment are running properly.

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